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Have you ever launched an inbound marketing plan that you thought was perfect but then it backfired? Maybe you generated a ton of leads with quality content, but then you passed them to sales and no one converted. Maybe your marketing was successful, but you didn’t have the right metrics in place to demonstrate your success to the powers that be. In the following guide I will illustrate the top 6 reasons marketing professionals fail in their digital marketing approach and how our innovative closed-loop methodology solves those problems and generates results.

  • gives you a background about what digital marketing is all about.
  • provides an overview of Account Based Closed-Loop Marketing.
  • outlines the top 6 ways that marketers fail in vivid detail.
  • provides you with a step-by-step digital marketing methodology that is designed to take your B2B company from nowhere to nirvana in 3-6 months

This methodology is a combination of Backbone Media’s 20 plus years of experience with everything from web design, content marketing, SEO, keyword advertising, email, and social media, to analytics reporting, marketing automation, drip marketing CRM systems and project management. It also includes many of the Inbound Marketing best practices that you may be familiar with.


Develop a New Marketing Message with Backbone

Want the analysis without all the additional work? Backbone Media’s closed-loop marketing strategy includes high-level analysis of buyers and prospects to discover the right messaging for your business. Be heard above the noise -  set up an appointment  with our CEO, Stephen Turcotte, to discuss the future of marketing for your business and to see if a partnership with Backbone Media is right for you.

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